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Die-Cast Aluminum LED Exit Sign

Illumination 4 times brighter than UL 924 requirement with super-bright, long-life LEDs that have a 25+ year life expectancy.

Premium long-life, high-temperature fused nickel cadmium battery.

Line-latch prevents unnecessary discharge of battery during installation. Loads will not illuminate until after application of utility power.

  • Construction
  • Injection molded internal cavity reflector provides ease of installation and maintenance together with perfectly even legend Illumination.
  • Heavy-duty, two piece walls are constructed using aluminum alloy walls.
  • Removable, front stencil face includes overlapping light seal.
  • Hidden knock-out access points and universal pattern.
  • Optional recess frame, polycarbonate face shield with tamper proof access screws, and pendant & specialty mounts.
  • Letters
  • 6.0” high; 0.75” stroke
  • NFPA type, universal field-selectable chevrons.
  • Approvals
  • UL 924 Listed to 100ft Visibility Distance
  • CEC Title 20 Compliant
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA 70-NEC
  • OSHA

Product Details

Above doors and in hallways around the globe, exit signs typically blend into the scenery in offices, stores, and nearly all public facilities. But in an emergency, clearly illuminated exit signs save lives by communicating the route of safe escape out of a building. These lighted signs also guide first responders as they navigate through unfamiliar structures. Reliable illuminated exit signs must be installed in all buildings and be visible at all times to ensure public safety. The top priority of every business, company, and landlord should be the safety of patrons and employees. Properly illuminated emergency exit signs are a vital component of any emergency preparedness plan.

The LPDC Die-Cast Aluminum LED Exit Sign offers long life and dependable service with its high-temperature fused Ni-Cad battery with above standard UL listed four-hour run-time. The unit has heavy-duty, two-piece die-cast aluminum alloy walls and a removable front stencil face with an overlapping light seal. The super-bright, long-life LEDs illuminate four times brighter than UL 924 requirements and have a 25+ year life expectancy. The LPDC features an injection-molded internal cavity reflector providing ease of installation and maintenance with perfectly even legend illumination. Multiple mounting options are available.