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Life safety is an integral component of every building’s lighting plan and, with a full line of exit signs, emergency lights and inverter systems, we have the right products to light the way to safety in every type of public occupancy.

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Interior, Exterior, Architectural, Industrial, and Hazardous Emergency Lighting


1.0-18.0 KVA Inverters, Mini Inverters, and Micro Inverters

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This Month's Webinar

UL 924 vs UL 1008

Understand the purpose of an Emergency Lighting Control Device and where they fit in an emergency lighting design.

Review the differences in code between UL 924 (ALCR) and UL 1008 (BCELTS) devices.

Understand how the choice between the two device types impacts the overall system design.

and Education

35+ Years of Life Safety

Through these accredited AIA courses, the newest addition to our Continuing Education Program, and our monthly Chalk Talks, webinars and on-going agency training, it’s our goal to be your “go-to” resource for all your emergency lighting questions and solutions.

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