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Explore historic Philadelphia, a short ride from our facility. Indulge in diverse world-class cuisine and immerse yourself in the Birthplace of the United States’ rich history. Experience the city’s passion at sporting events, concerts, or shows. Embrace the unique blend of culture, history, and entertainment while conveniently located in the heart of it all.

Day 1

  • Arrive at Philadelphia International Airport.
  • Enjoy a private transfer to the hotel.
  • Connect with Isolite team members over a casual dinner and explore Philadelphia in the evening.

Day 2

  • Begin your day with breakfast and a private transfer to Isolite’s manufacturing facility.
  • Embark on a comprehensive factory tour and engage in a meet-and-greet with the Isolite team.
  • Benefit from personalized educational training sessions conducted on-site.
  • Indulge in a catered lunch, featuring authentic Philadelphia-style cuisine.
  • Participate in afternoon product training and a concluding wrap-up session.
  • Conclude your day by exploring Philadelphia’s historic sites, attending a sporting event or show, or savoring a memorable meal.

Day 3

  • Enjoy breakfast and take a private transfer from the hotel to Philadelphia International Airport for departure.

Where the City Comes to Life

As winter bids farewell, Philadelphia springs into action with a lineup of events that capture the season’s spirit. Feel the energy at Citizens Bank Park as Phillies baseball takes center stage, and embrace the outdoors on our scenic golf courses for a perfect day under the sun. Dive into the local scene with live concerts in various venues, from historic spots to modern arenas.

Explore the city’s roots with engaging historic tours, wandering through cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks. Take advantage of the opportunity to savor the diverse culinary delights within the historic walls of the Reading Terminal Market. Take advantage of the Philadelphia Flower Show, where blooming creativity transforms spaces into a visual feast.

Popular Attractions

Phillies Baseball: Catch the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park for an evening of America’s favorite pastime.
Golf: Enjoy spring on Philly’s scenic golf courses, blending sport with the beauty of nature.
Concerts: Experience diverse live music scenes across historic and modern venues throughout the city.
Historic Philadelphia Tours: Explore the city’s rich history by strolling through cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks.
Reading Terminal Market: Explore diverse culinary delights in the heart of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Flower Show: Experience the beauty of nature in full bloom at the stunning Flower Show

A Hot Lineup of Events

As the summer sun embraces the city, Philadelphia invites you to a season of unforgettable moments. Enjoy a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park or perfect your swing at scenic golf courses.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of summer with live concerts across the city, from outdoor amphitheaters to intimate venues. Explore the city’s rich history with historical tours that weave tales of Philadelphia’s storied past, guiding you through cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks. Cool off at the Penn’s Landing RiverRink Summerfest, where roller skating, games, and a lively waterfront atmosphere create the perfect summer night out. Alternatively, venture to the adjacent Jersey Shore; sandy beaches and inviting boardwalks await your exploration.

Popular Attractions

Phillies Baseball: Catch the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park for an exciting game.
Golf: Enjoy scenic rounds on Philadelphia’s lush golf courses.
Concerts: Immerse yourself in diverse live music scenes across the city.
Historic Philadelphia Tours: Explore the city’s past with laid-back historic tours.
RiverRink Summerfest: Cool off and have fun with roller skating at Penn’s Landing.
Jersey Shore: Relax on sandy beaches and stroll along inviting boardwalks.

A Tapestry of Events Unfolds

As autumn takes hold and a refreshing breeze sweeps through the city, Philadelphia invites you to join in on the various fall events. Cheer for the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, where the excitement of football blends with the cheers of passionate fans. Find tranquility on scenic golf courses surrounded by the changing colors of fall foliage, or enjoy diverse music experiences at concerts across the city.

Delve into the city’s past with one of many Philadelphia tours, learning about our history and iconic landmarks. Explore a culinary haven at the Reading Terminal Market, where diverse flavors and fresh produce converge in a historic setting. For nature enthusiasts, autumn foliage hikes provide a refreshing way to witness the city’s transformation under a canopy of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Popular Attractions

Eagles Football: Experience the thrill of Eagles football at Lincoln Financial Field.
Golf: Enjoy a round of golf amidst the vibrant fall foliage on Philadelphia’s scenic courses.
Concerts: Dive into the autumn music vibe at diverse venues throughout the city.
Historic Philadelphia Tours: Explore the city’s rich history with captivating fall tours through iconic landmarks.
Reading Terminal Market: Explore diverse culinary delights in the heart of Philadelphia.
Autumn Foliage Hikes: Revel in nature’s beauty with invigorating hikes showcasing the breathtaking fall backdrop.

A Wonderland of Activities

As winter blankets the city, Philadelphia offers an array of activities to make the season truly special. The Wells Fargo Center becomes a hub of excitement with Sixers’ basketball and Flyers’ hockey, adding a layer of exhilaration to the crisp winter air. For those interested in history, winter tours through historic Philadelphia provide a charming backdrop to explore the city’s rich past amidst the winter calm.

Take in the sleek automotive designs at the annual Philadelphia Auto Show. Penn’s Landing RiverRink Winter Fest transforms the waterfront into a winter wonderland with ice skating, festive lights, and cozy vibes. Attend live performances across various city venues to warm up your winter nights, where soulful tunes and laughter-inducing comedy promise a season of simple, enjoyable experiences.

Popular Attractions

Sixers Basketball & Flyers Hockey: Experience the thrill of winter with Sixers’ basketball and Flyers’ hockey at the Wells Fargo Center.
Historic Philadelphia Tours: Explore the city’s rich history on engaging historic tours.
Philadelphia Auto Show: Marvel at automotive innovations and classic cars at the annual auto show.
RiverRink Winter Fest: Glide into the winter spirit with ice skating, festive lights, and cozy vibes at Penn’s Landing RiverRink.
Concerts & Comedy Shows: Warm up your winter nights with live performances across various city venues, from soulful tunes to laughter-inducing comedy.

Why Should I Visit?

Spending time with the Emergency Lighting Experts will help you add value to your clients and result in business growth. We offer supplemental trainings to help expand your knowledge of our products and processes. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Isolite team members who make everything we do possible.

We will tailor your visit to your and your customer’s preferences. Depending on the length of time you choose to visit, you can tour our factory, meet our Isolite team, attend product training, inverter training, AIA courses, and receive factory start-up certifications. There will also be a chance to get hands-on with Isolite products and a first look at products in developmental stages. Of course, no visit would be complete without a tour of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love!

When Should I Visit?

We understand the importance of convenience and are more than willing to arrange a visit at a time that aligns seamlessly with your schedule. Our state-of-the-art factory welcomes tours year-round, providing a firsthand look at our operations. With its rich history and diverse attractions, Philadelphia offers a unique experience in every season. The city provides a dynamic backdrop for memorable experiences, from iconic historical landmarks to cultural events.

Our goal is not only to showcase our factory and operations but also to ensure that your time in Philadelphia is enjoyable and tailored to your interests. Please let us know if you have particular attractions, events, or experiences in mind, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to make your visit truly exceptional.

AIA Courses & Custom Presentations

35+ Years of Life Safety

While you’re here, sit in on one of our live AIA courses, or if there’s a particular area you’re interested in, we’re delighted to customize a presentation for you, focusing on specific products or design solutions. Rely on us for thorough training, clear explanations, and sales support. With our exclusive focus on emergency lighting, we offer unparalleled expertise to assist in designing the optimal solutions for any project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a factory tour cost?

Take care of flights to Philadelphia International Airport; we will handle the rest! Our team will go above and beyond, expertly coordinating every aspect of your journey, including comfortable accommodations, efficient ground transportation, delightful meals, and engaging entertainment. With Isolite’s comprehensive approach, trust that every detail beyond your flights is thoughtfully taken care of, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Who can we bring?

The choice is yours! Customize your factory visit with the flexibility to choose your preferred lighting agents and clients. Whether you’re an engineer, architect, contractor, distributor, or lighting designer, all are welcome to join. Our team will ensure a tailored and comprehensive visit that exceeds expectations.

How many people can we bring?

For an optimal experience, we suggest assembling a group with a size ranging from 4 to 10 individuals. This group size ensures a conducive and intimate setting, fostering effective communication, collaboration, and engagement. With a diverse yet manageable number of participants, everyone can actively contribute, share ideas, and establish meaningful connections.

Reserve your spots and start planning today!

Act fast, as spaces are quickly filling up! Contact your regional sales manager to secure your dates and plan your visit.