Isolite’s Leadership Series

What makes a champion? It all starts in Training Camp…

Dedication – Effort – Persistence – and the Desire to get better every day. Training Camp is designed to put you on the road to your championship. It’s not about us. It’s not about our fabulous products. And, it’s not even about lighting. This is all about you. Every quarter we’ll invite you to join us to listen to one of our favorite speakers. One who will expose you to new ways of thinking and provide innovative ideas to optimize your business. One who will wow you and impart valuable insights that will help you on the road to being the best you can be.

Episode One: Todd Musselman
December 2020: Creating Customer Astonishment

Todd is a powerful and effective leader who combines his background as a business owner, sales representative, and professional musician to produce strong, measurable results in the fields of motivational speaking, leadership training, and executive coaching. Prior to his current leadership business, Todd worked in his family’s company for over 25 years where he gained the experience necessary to guide others in management positions. With a strong career in motivational speaking, leadership training, and executive coaching, Todd currently offers services to a wide range of groups, customizing his message to fit the needs of each individual organization.