Exit Signs – Standing Ready to Serve When Needed

Exit Signs – Standing Ready to Serve When Needed

Emergency exit signs are beacons of safety in the labyrinth of hallways, corridors, and public spaces. They are more than just glowing indicators; they are carefully designed and regulated to ensure the well-being of occupants during crises.

Inverter Phases Explained

Inverters are essential devices in electrical engineering, as they play a crucial role in transforming power, direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

What is Emergency Lighting?

What is Emergency Lighting?

Have you ever been in a store or other commercial space when the power went out? Could you see to find your way out? The answer should be yes, thanks to emergency lighting!

Types of Inverters

Type of Lighting Inverters

Lighting inverters are relatively simple in design, with less than a half dozen components. Yet, there is much to know about their operation and things to consider when specifying them for a project…

Inverters 101

Inverters 101

In typical power situations, inverters store energy in their battery banks as DC power. When power is lost, inverter circuitry converts the DC power in the batteries back to AC power.

Emergency Drivers for Lighting System

Emergency Lighting is a code requirement for every commercial building. We will talk more about what it is and why it is needed, but first, what is a driver?

Exit Sign Color Options are red or green for the lettering and white, brushed aluminum, and black depending on the model.

Why are emergency exit signs red or green?

One of the most shocking incidents in American industrial history occurred on March 25, 1911, in New York City. The Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory burned, killing 146 workers. The tragedy was largely preventable as most victims died due to neglected safety features and locked doors within the building.

The ELCD-924-TRANSFER-SWITCH utilizes standard light fixtures as emergency light sources.

UL 924 – Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment

The UL 924 standard is applicable for emergency lighting and power equipment circuits of 600 volts or less, which is intended to supply power and illumination in critical locations when the regular power fails.

Emergency Lighting Inverter

What is an Emergency Lighting Inverter?

No matter the battery capacity, an inverter provides several advantages over other systems. Learn more about how inverters support emergency lighting systems.