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Pure Sine Wave Mini Inverter

Compatible with all lighting loads including LED

Unique output overload designed to withstand initial load inrush up to 250%

Smart self-diagnostic circuit standard

  • Input
  • Frequency: 60Hz +/- 2 Hz
  • Voltage: 120 or 277 VAC Model dependent
  • Current IMI-125: 1.4A (120V), 0.6A (277V)
  • Current IMI-250: 2.7A (120V), 1.2 (277V)
  • Output
  • Frequency: 60Hz +/- 0.02 Hz crystal controlled during emergency mode
  • Voltage: 120 or 277 VAC Model dependent
  • Current IMI-125: 1.04A (120V), 0.45A (277V)
  • Current IMI-250: 2.08A (120V), 0.9A (277V)
  • Overload: 110% will generate overload fault
  • Transfer Time: 50 msec
  • Output Distortion: Less than 3% THD
  • Crest Factor: >2.5
  • Load Power Factor: 0.5 lead to 0.5 lag
  • Output types: Normally On, Normally Off, and Switched
  • Approvals
  • UL 924
  • OSHPD Seismic Certified (with Z4 option)
  • New York City Approved, Calendar #51575
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA 70-NEC
  • OSHA
  • NEMA Type 1 Enclosure

Product Details

Inverters provide the necessary power for emergency lighting if utility power is unavailable. Isolite inverters charge battery banks from utility power, discharge batteries to generate power in an emergency, and then transfer back to the utility power when available. Inverters also monitor the state of the utility power, automated code compliance and are more cost-effective than other solutions. Isolite offers small, medium, and building-scale inverters.

The Isolite IMI is a 125/250-Watt Pure Sine Wave mini-inverter compatible with all lighting loads, including LED. This inverter's unique output overload was designed to withstand up to 250% initial load inrush. The inverter comes standard with a smart self-diagnostic circuit and is equipped with industry-leading power-up diagnostics to check for installation wiring errors. It has three separate outputs for field flexibility, a UL-listed 90-minute run time, and a low battery indicator. No factory startup is required. Customization for the inverter includes optional mounting configurations, time delay, infra-red receiver, sonic alarm, buzzer, test buttons, and SD indicator.