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LED Emergency Driver

Energy efficient solid-state switching power supply allows for Class 2 compliant wiring while also meeting California Title 20 requirements.

Construction is RoHS compliant.

Long Life, thermally safe high capacity maintenance free Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, provides the required 90 minutes emergency duration and environmentally friendly end of life recycling.

  • Temperature Rating
  • From 50°F to 122°F
  • Approvals
  • UL Listed in compliance with UL 924 and CSA-C22
  • CEC Title 20 Compliant
  • UL 1310 Certified, Class 2 Compliant
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA 70-NEC
  • OSHA

Product Details

Drivers and Ballasts perform an essential role in electrical lamps' proper starting and operating functions. Drivers are found in LED lights, while ballasts are used in fluorescent lighting systems. Both items limit the amount of current in an electrical circuit and provide sufficient voltage to start the lamp. Without the regulation provided by drivers and ballasts, the electrical current would quickly rise to dangerous levels, causing the power supply to fail. LED emergency drivers regulate the power supply to LED fixtures in the event of a power failure and allow the LED fixture to switch from line voltage to battery when in emergency mode.

The Isolite EMP Emergency LED Driver, an energy solid-state switching power supply, is available in 7 watt 10-60 VDC, 12 watt 10-60VDC, and 25 watt 25-50 VDC. The EMP's long life, thermally safe, high-capacity maintenance-free Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, provide a 90-minute emergency duration and environmentally friendly end-of-life recycling. Self-sensing array forward voltage, means the EMP automatically adjusts the output current to provide constant wattage to the luminaire array for 90 minutes.

Our EMP is equipped with two wire universal 120-277 line sensing input 50/60Hz and is IC rated and suitable for use in plenum and damp location luminaires. Additional features include a plenum rated remote test switch with integral AC indicator, mounted in a single gang plate and provided with switch box and quick connector, and 24" lead wires with dual flexible metallic conduit. It is class 2 compliant, RoHS compliant, has high surge protection to ANSI standard, and meets California Title 20.