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Aluminum Frame Self-Luminous Exit Sign

Requires no electricity, lamp, batteries, or external light source making this maintenance free.

Designed to be tamper-proof.

No electronics or wiring is required resulting in easy installations.

  • Construction
  • Extruded aluminum frame and painted stencil.
  • Letters
  • 6” high; 0.75” stroke
  • Arrows
  • Universal chevrons
  • Viewing Distance
  • 100 foot visibility rating
  • Technology
  • Isolite Self-Luminous Signs are illuminated with a light source that consists of glass tubes which are internally coated with phosphor and filled with tritium gas, a natural hydrogen isotope.
  • Approvals
  • UL Listed to standard UL 924 & CAN/ULC-S572
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NEC Article 500, Class I, II, and III conditions

Product Details

Above doors and in hallways around the globe, exit signs typically blend into the scenery in offices, stores, and nearly all public facilities. However, in an emergency, clearly illuminated exit signs save lives by communicating the route of safe escape out of a building. These lighted signs also guide first responders as they navigate through unfamiliar structures. Reliable illuminated exit signs must be installed in all buildings and be visible at all times to ensure public safety. The top priority of every business, company, and landlord should be the safety of patrons and employees. Properly illuminated emergency exit signs are a vital component of any emergency preparedness plan.

The 2040-07 Aluminum Frame Self-Luminous Exit Sign is constructed of an extruded aluminum frame with a painted extruded aluminum stencil. This double face exit sign features illumination with a light source of glass tubes internally coated with phosphor and filled with tritium gas, a natural hydrogen isotope. The 2040-07 requires no electricity or external light source yet has a 100-foot visibility rating. The maintenance-free tamper-proof design is ideal for damp, wet, hazardous, and extreme temperature locations. This exit is easy to install, offers custom wording and pictograms, and features a vandal-resistant lens. The face color and extruded aluminum frame are available in four colors.