Elite Edge-Lit

LED Exit Signs & Combos

ELTMR Series

The ELTMR Edgelit Exit Sign must be ordered with a Remote sign. Options include TLREM2 and LPDCREM. The ELTMR exit sign offers a stylish and modern architectural exit sign for your next project. With super-bright, long-life LEDs, options for back box pre-installation, and a five-year warranty, the features of the Elite Edge-Lit are impressive. Additional features include:

  • Illumination 4 times brighter than UL 924 requirement with super-bright, long-life LEDs that have a 25+ year life expectancy
  • Special wording and custom graphics available with white LEDs upon request
  • Low profile recessed housing is suitable for old or new work installations and is Type IC Rated
  • Slimline, low profile surface mount housing eliminates need for recessed box in wall mount applications
  • Battery diagnostic system standard – battery status: detects cell failure and issues alert of reduced capacity and the need to replace battery



Precision die-cast aluminum housing with laser-formed acrylic legend

6″ high; 0.75″ stroke

NFPA-Type, universal field installable, self-adhesive chevrons

Premium long-life, high-temperature fused nickel cadmium battery with standard
UL listed 3-hour run time

Input Power
  • AC models: Red 1.5 watts; Green 2.3 watts.
  • EM models: Red 2.5 watts; Green 3.0 watts.
  • EM w/Remote: Red 3.0 watts; Green 4.0 watts.

Operating Temperature
32°F to 102°F

  • UL 924
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA 70- NEC
  • OSHA
  • Recessed backbox is IC rated and meets New York specifications.

Isolite offers a 5-year limited warranty. For further details, refer to General Warranty and Obligations in Isolite manual.