DualTech Hybrid Exit

Isolite introduces a game changer…the DualTech Hybrid Exit

Berwyn, PA. ”“ Isolite, a recognized leader in the emergency lighting market, once again introduces an innovative new product ”“ the DualTech Hybrid EXIT. This revolutionary design merges two eco-friendly technologies ”“ LED and Photoluminescent ”“ into an exciting new product that takes advantage of the best of each. LEDs provide long life and low energy consumption while photoluminescent operates without any external power supply or batteries. With electrical power supplied to the sign, the LED’s illuminate and charge the letters which are made of a translucent GlowZone photoluminescent material. When the power goes out, the photoluminescent letters glow for the required 90 minutes. No external light source is required to charge the photoluminescent material and no auxiliary power or batteries are required to keep the sign illuminated during a power outage. The product is Listed to UL924, fully complies with the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code 101 and is MADE IN USA.

According to Bill Lynch, President of Isolite, “What really makes this DualTech Hybrid special is that, by combining two eco-friendly technologies, we’ve completely eliminated the need for an auxiliary power source to illuminate the sign during a power failure. For most exit signs sold today, this means the elimination of a lead acid or NiCad battery, both of which are hazardous items requiring special disposal. And, not only are these batteries hazardous, they’re also the single highest point of maintenance for exit signs. Being eco-friendly and reducing costly maintenance makes this sign a real game changer.”

With a product offering that includes self-luminous, LED, photoluminescent, and now the DualTech Hybrid, Isolite offers the most extensive range of exit signs and technologies available today. This, coupled with a full range of emergency lighting products and innovative pure sine wave inverters, separates Isolite from all others.

“As an independent manufacturer, we can focus our resources on energy efficient emergency lighting products and continue to be the innovators and industry experts in this specialized field. We are extremely excited about our ground breaking DualTech Hybrid Exits as well as our growing family of Pure Sine Wave Inverters.” says Erik Smith, Vice President of Isolite.

To see more information on DualTech Hybrid EXIT as well as Isolite’s other innovative emergency lighting products please visit our website www.isolite.com or call Greg Keil in our California office at 800-799-5343 e-mail gkeil@isolite.com or Matt Bird in our Pennsylvania office at 800-888-5483 e-mail mbird@isolite.com .