The Emergency Lighting Experts

We got our start over 30 years ago as the pioneers in the development and sale of self-luminous exit signs.  These non-electric, self-illuminating signs were revolutionary at the time and provided the most energy efficient and dependable egress signs available.  Since then, we’ve expanded our product offering to include a wide selection of LED and photo-luminescent exit signs as well as “best in class” emergency lighting and inverter systems.

While it’s products that we sell, it’s emergency lighting solutions that we provide.  As you know, every building’s lighting plan must include a life safety plan – a way to ensure a lighted path of egress during an unexpected loss of power or emergency situation.  Whether your project requires architectural grade fixtures for the most design conscious interiors, fixtures that may be subjected to harsh environmental conditions, or anything in between, we’ve got what you need.

A History of Innovation

From our early days as pioneers in the development of self-luminous lighting, we’ve been leaders in the emergency lighting business.  As technologies changed, we adapted and developed new products.

When architects and lighting designers told us they didn’t like the look of traditional emergency lights with an enclosed battery and two bug eye lamps, we developed a full range of concealed emergency lighting capable of blending seamlessly into any décor.

As LED’s took the lighting world by storm, we were the first to produce pure sine wave inverters. Our pure sine wave inverters more closely replicated utility power and thereby eliminated the problems that competitors’ inverters were experiencing powering LED loads.  We guess we should be flattered that our competitors have now followed our lead.

Our latest innovation is the DualTech Hybrid EXIT sign. By combining LED and photoluminescent technology, we offer the most energy efficient electrical EXIT sign ever produced.  We have no intention of stopping there and are hard at work on new ideas that we’ll bring to the market in the months and years to come.

American Made

We’re proud to offer American Made emergency lighting with most of our products designed and assembled at our 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in suburban Philadelphia.


We’re never too busy to help our customers with their specific lighting needs. If you need a customized sign, we can create a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

All products are marketed through our nationwide representative organization. To contact a sales representative near you, click here.