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Plenum Mount Emergency Transfer Device

Emergency Transfer Devices

EPC-PM Series

The Plenum Mount Emergency Transfer Device is compatible with Isolite IMI and E3 Series inverter systems and dimming systems and occupancy sensors. It is also EPC-A UL listed for field installation in the fixture ballast channel. Additional features include:

  • Provides emergency backup power to switched fixtures
  • Backup power from an IMI or E3 inverter can be routed through the EPC to fixtures from both the utility supply and the backup power
  • Provides the ability to switch fixtures off for energy saving when not in use
  • Reliable backup power available during power outages
  • Available for mounting in a j-box in the ceiling

Product Description


EPC-PM easily installs in a 4 11/16″ j-box

  • Compatible with Isolite IMI and E3 Series inverter systems
  • Compatible with dimming systems and occupancy sensors

  • The EPC-A is UL Listed for field installation in the fixture ballast channel
  • UL 924 Listed

Operating Temperature
32° to 140°F (0-60°C)

  • The EPC-PM is provided with red and green LED indicators:
  • green = utility power is present; red = emergency power is present
  • Failsafe operation with built-in surge protection
  • Energy savings realized by switching off fixtures when not in use
  • Emergency backup power provided on failure of normal utility power, regardless of wall switch position
  • A momentary test switch allows the user to test the EPC-PM as required
  • A green LED is provided to indicate that utility power is present
  • Allows the room fixture to be switched off when not in use for energy savings
  • Dedicated emergency luminaires stay on for an additional 2.5 seconds after being turned off to indicate that the emergency power source is available
  • Both devices are completely maintenance free

Isolite offers a 3-year limited warranty. For further details, refer to General Warranty and Obligations in Isolite manual


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